About Us
About Us

Founded in Adelaide, the capital city of South Australia, LEADERS has other branch offices set in Sydney, Guangzhou, Xiamen, Fuzhou, Shanghai, Yantai, Nanning, Liuzhou, and Shijiazhuang, aiming to introduce international education in Australia and migration services to China, one of the markets that enjoy the largest number of students and migrants living abroad. Compared with other Australia-based agents providing similar services, LEADERS develops better bonds with Australian local business groups and the Chinese community.

Having China as our principal target market, we hold international students and potential business partners from other countries dear as well.

We provide a range of high-quality advice services regarding study, migration, and investment in Australia, with a focus on researching the Australian local job market and planning career paths for our clients to be job-ready. With the close partnerships we build with a range of industries, surely we serve as a human-resource services provider as well. Being a medium that introduces our business in Australia to China, LEADERS makes opportunities for global investors and has us more engaged with Australian business groups.